Apex Legends players want Fortnite-style change to Battle Pass

Apex Legends Season 14 battle pass skinsRespawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Battle Pass is a constant source of division among the game’s player base. While some people in the community are satisfied with it in its current form, others are asking for it to make a big Fortnite-inspired change to catch up to the competition.

Complaints about the Apex Battle Pass have been a dime-a-dozen over the last handful of seasons, with players often criticizing the quality of skins and other items that make their way into both the free and paid tracks of the rewards program.

This time around, the complaining was accompanied by some constructive criticism – and a proposition that could help Respawn finally put the topic to rest in Season 15.

Apex Legends players call for Fortnite-style progression in the Battle Pass

The age-old topic kicked up again when a user took to the Apex Legends subreddit to ask if anyone truly feels satisfied by the current rate at which players complete the track or with the skins they earn along the way.

While the Season 14 pass drew praise early on, it’s apparent now that not everyone agrees that it was enough to make up for their dislike of the previous iterations.

“Compared to other games Apex’s feels like a slog to get through and it doesn’t have enough good content to justify how long it takes,” the original poster commented.

A reoccurring comparison was toward Fortnite’s pass and the relatively fast speed at which players can progress through it.

One player directly asked for Apex to follow suit, praising the other battle royale for always being on top of things. “The game needs to catch up. It’s actually embarrassing how much better Fortnite is when it comes to this s**t.”

Another commenter also targeted the challenges as another area that could improve if the team were to ever overhaul the system.

“The grind is also horrible. It takes so much fun out of the game when you’re forced to play with legends or weapons you don’t care to use just to level a battle pass that has crap rewards,” they said.

Respawn hasn’t teased any upcoming changes but that doesn’t mean it’s not on the table for next season.