Apex Legends players want Control to be permanent but have changes in mind

Apex Legends characters in Control point in Hammond LabsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players are calling for the new popular Control LTM that was introduced in Season 12 to become a permanent part of the game alongside Arenas, though, they also want changes. 

After being deprived of a new limited-time mode for a few seaons, Apex Legends players were gifted with a new mode to play with the release of Season 12.

However, despite the overwhelming popularity and positive feedback that the Respawn devs have received, the new Control game mode will be out of the rotation before long.

Though, players are pleading for the devs to keep the popular 9v9 Control mode as a permanent option, with a few tweaks.

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apex control zonesRespawn Entertainment
Control is a whole new way of playing Apex Legends.

In a Reddit thread on February 12, Apex Legends fans Shadow_Kitsune74 asked other players if they’d prefer to keep Arenas in the game or swap it out for the new Control mode.

Many players agreed that both modes are good in their own ways, and they should both stay as permanent options in Apex. “Keep both! Both bring different styles and objectives to the game,” noted one player. “Something for everyone.”

Though, many stated that Control would need to undergo some tweaks if it was to be a full-time addition. “I like Control but it would need some rework, since controlling B is like an instant win,” said one. “Control currently doesn’t feel optimized. The matchmaking feels hit or miss, controlling B is basically the whole game right now, there is no minimap, and something should be done about all the visual clutter,” added another.

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While an Apex Legends dev has confirmed that Control will be returning later in Season 12, players roughly have until around March 1 before the popular LTM is removed.

So, it’s best to get the most out of it before it’s gone. Though, if players get their way, it’ll stick around for good.