Apex Legends players want “combat medic” buff to make Lifeline relevant again

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Lifeline is one of Apex Legends’ most iconic characters but some fans think she’s underwhelming compared to the competition. This “Combat Medic” themed buff could be just the thing to get her back into players’ hands and hearts. 

Pick rates might not tell a Legend’s whole story, but they’re a useful tool for understanding how a character is trending in the eyes of the population.

For Lifeline, she maintains a middle-of-the-pack rate in Season 12, but given that she’s one of the game’s only true healers, there’s a contingent of fans who believe she should be standing with Wraith at the top of the boards.

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In order to make that happen, one fan has dreamed up a small buff that could make a huge impact.

Apex Legends players call for Combat Medic buff for Lifeline

Lifeline Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Lifeline has a 4.9% pick rate in Season 12.

Ajay Che’s abilities should be familiar to anyone who has played Apex.

Her Tactical is a healing drone that will juice up any teammates that stand next to it, her Ultimate calls down a Care Package containing rare goodies, and she can also deploy the drone to pick up knocked teammates when they go down.

These are all strong boosts on their own, but they limit the character’s effectiveness out of combat.

This fan-designed buff would see her become a little more useful by carrying double the healing items, similar to how the pyromaniac Fuse can carry extra grenades in his inventory.

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A change like this would mean that other squadmates could focus on holding onto the utility items since Lifeline could vacuum up the heals behind them.

Not only would that give the team more offensive options overall, but being able to rely on the extra heals would mean squads could push with more confidence into chaotic fights.

While it might not be a perfect fix, support like this would play nicely with Legends like Octane, Valkyrie, Wraith, and Pathfinder, all of whom are in the Top 5 most popular choices right now.

There’s no telling what direction Respawn will take the character in when a buff does eventually come but it’s clear that the fans are ready for some changes.

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