Apex Legends players want another major Evo change to crafting

Apex Legends characters using replicator on kings CanyonRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have suggested another massive change that Respawn can make to crafting, this time focusing on backpacks and making them work like shields.

When Respawn Entertainment introduced Replicators and the ability to craft items back in Season 6, many Apex Legends players were left concerned about how it would affect items and the way you loot to start a game.

Despite those early concerns, crafting has become a pretty major part of the battle royale, and it’s hard to go a game without either making a new item or upgrading your Evo Shield by just a tick.

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The ability to upgrade shields does come at a cost, seeing as you’re vulnerable to damage while the Replicator is working its magic. Though, it is a risk players are willing to take and they also believe a similar system should be implemented to help with frustrations around finding backpacks.

A crafting replicator in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA
Replicators are used to craft items and now weapons in Apex Legends.

The idea to make backpacks upgradable in the Replicator was put out into the world by Redditor euSoccerGirl, who stated that it should work like upgrading shields by being a permanent, 50 material addition to the crafting wheel.

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This would mean that the daily and weekly rotations, which see purple backpacks enter the Replicator’s loot pool quite often, would have to be shaken up. Though, players wouldn’t mind that as they back the idea of their fellow fans.

“Backpacks are infuriatingly hard to find for some goddamn reason,” said one. “Finding backpacks above level 2 is almost impossible. This is a great idea and it is one that should be implemented,” another agreed.

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Some players poured cold water on the idea, though, stating that an overreliance on crafting might be sneaking into Apex. Others believe that the idea would have an adverse effect on Loba and her Black Market Boutique ultimate.

Such a big change would, naturally, require plenty of testing from Respawn, but who knows if they’d actually consider the switch up.

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