Apex Legends players urge Respawn to overhaul weapon crafting to shake up loot

Red Flatline being shot into a puff of smoke in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players want Respawn to put the weapons that are placed inside the Replicators on a regular rotation, just like they do with other bits of floor loot. 

At the start of Apex Legends Season 12, Respawn made some pretty massive changes to their popular battle royale, bringing in Mad Maggie as a new legend, tweaking the maps, and balancing other characters.

On top of that, the devs caught many players off guard when they revealed that weapons – in this case, the Flatline and Longbow – would be removed from floor loot and placed inside of the Replicators.

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For many players, it’s not a bad change, seeing as they can easily grab some materials and then craft the gun they want without needing to search all game for it. Though, others would like to see Respawn mix it up a little.

A crafting replicator in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA
Replicators are used to craft items and now weapons in Apex Legends.

When the developers made the change to put weapons inside the Replicators, they stated that it would be a season-long change – similar to those weapons that go into supply drops.

Well, Redditors like ThatIsGangster, UserNotFound32, and xCeePee would like to see a difference between the two, and have the Replicator choices shaken up every so often.

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