Apex Legends players urge Respawn to broaden anti-cheat to target ‘Strike Pack’ cheaters

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Apex Legends players are calling on Respawn to make improvements to the game’s anti-cheat systems in order to target ‘Strike Pack’ cheaters, who appear more and more common in Season 13. 

Apex Legends has been an overwhelming success, amassing a player-base comfortably in the millions and earning EA huge amounts of income despite its status as a free-to-play battle royale. 

However, like some of its main competitors – namely Warzone and Fortnite – it has experienced significant issues with cheaters and continues to do so in Season 13.

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One problem players have been encountering more and more in-game is opponents using ‘Strike Packs’ and, as the cheaters show little sign of slowing down, Respawn are being urged to expand their efforts to tackle the issues. 

Apex cheaters using “Strike Packs” in Season 13 

Drawing attention to the issue via Reddit was player ‘Bluqo’, who asked: “When will strike packs be a bannable offence?” 

Attached was a clip showing an enemy believed to be using ‘Strike Packs’, a cheat Apex Legends players appear to be encountering more and more. 

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Similar to ‘Macros’ in terms of how they function, Strike Packs are attached to a controller and mimic inputs to give in-game boosts, like removing recoil completely. 

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In the clip the player highlighted, the alleged cheater is firing at full speed, albeit single fire, so experiencing no recoil. 

However, unlike Macros, they are harder for anti-cheat systems to detect.

The response from players, understandably, was to call for a more robust system to identify and ban players abusing such apparatus. 

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One suggested that Respawn needed to do more, describing the game as “filled with teams like this…I genuinely don’t know how they save the health of the game, it’s in such a sad state.” 

Others, though, suggested it would take a collaborative effort with Sony or Microsoft and that Respawn alone will struggle to identify and ban players using Strike Packs. 

Here’s hoping the situation improves moving forwards.