Apex Legends players tired of “wallhack” meta as Maggie’s abilities revealed for Season 12

Apex Legends Mad MaggieRespawn Entertainment

Following the reveal of Maggie’s x-ray Passive, Apex Legends players have slammed the devs for constantly releasing new characters with “wallhack” abilities.

Season 12 of Apex Legends is set to go live on February 8 and although the community is excited for the Olympus map changes and 9v9 Control mode, it’s the arrival of Mad Maggie that’s getting the majority of the attention.

Equipped with a fire drill Tactical and a giant wrecking ball Ultimate, it’s safe to say Maggie is prepared to make her presence known on the Outlands, and potentially break into the meta.

Despite this, not everyone is happy with Maggie’s kit, with the main point of contention being her x-ray Passive that allows her to see enemies she’s damaged through walls for a short period of time.

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For some, another x-ray ability only adds to the growing “wallhack” meta that Respawn has created in the last few seasons.

Warlord's Ire Passive Respawn Entertainment
Mad Maggie’s Passive is called Warlord’s Ire.

Apex players disappointed Maggie has a “wallhack” Passive

Shortly after Mad Maggie’s official character trailer went live on February 3, a thread was created on the Apex Legends subreddit questioning why Respawn feels the need to give every new Legend a “wallhack” ability.

The post quickly garnered a lot of attention and upvotes, with countless players wondering why Maggie even needs x-ray vision considering she already has boosted movement speed with a shotgun.

“Zero reason to add this to her, she already has the shotgun passive and a strong tactical with a pretty good-looking ult.”

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It’s obvious the community is confused over the devs decision to continue adding “wallhack” abilities to the game, especially as they announced in Season 11 that they’re monitoring the scan meta.

As Maggie isn’t a Recon Legend, a lot of the community don’t think Warlord’s Ire even fits her theme as a character. With leaks suggesting she may have had a shotgun kick in the past during her design process, a lot of players are disappointed Respawn didn’t keep that as her Passive.

“Honestly I heard a rumor of her passive being a shotgun kick that would allow her to kick down doors… this would fit her vibe so much better than yet another wallhack”.

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Either way, until she’s been released onto the Outlands it’s hard to know how powerful her Passive will be or whether she’ll establish a foothold in the meta.

However, players have made it very clear that they’re growing tired of wallhack abilities, but will Respawn listen to the backlash?