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Apex Legends players suggest major loot pool changes ahead of Season 12

Published: 17/Jan/2022 14:03

by Nathan Warby


Apex Legends Season 12 is on the horizon, and players are eager to see how Respawn changes up the battle royale’s formula this time around. Although the developers no doubt have plenty of changes planned themselves, fans have had their say on which items they want to see removed from the loot pool.

Season 11 of Apex Legends is nearing the end of its lifespan, before making way for the shiny new Season 12 update coming in February. Even though the new chapter is just weeks away, we still know precious little about what to expect outside of a rumored new legend.


While it will likely include fixes to some of the bugs and glitches that have plagued Season 11, fans have come up with some changes of their own that they want to see when the update rolls around.

One of the most notable tweaks they are calling for is the loot available in each match. Apex has always had a huge variety of items scattered around its maps for players to collect, but players feel it could be streamlined to emphasize quality over quantity.

Apex Legends Season 12
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Maggie is rumored for Season 12, but players also want change to the loot pool.

Reddit user dog_in_a_gutter started the discussion, asking the question, “What do you think should be taken out of the game to clean the loot pool?” The community responded in droves, with the post receiving 1,700 comments in less than a day.


One of the more popular responses called for white shields and helmets to be removed from the game, making blue the lowest rarity in both. Players questioned how often they are used, with one calling them “useless bloat in the loot pool.”

Another idea that emerged on the thread would see the Bocek Compound Bow move into care packages, with the G7 heading back into the ground loot. “I think if they buff the Bow and put it in the package instead of the G7, they free up so much space. You completely get rid of one ammo type and a weapon.”


Players loved the idea of reserving the Bow for care packages so that arrows could be totally removed from the ground, as they only apply to one weapon. Although, they conceded that the Bow would need a buff to around “80 body, 100 headshot” damage for it to work.

What do you think should be taken out of the game to clean the loot pool? from apexlegends

The community also took to the thread asking for white backpacks to be removed from the loot pool, arguing that all players should start with one as standard. “White backpack, make this a thing everybody has when the round begins,” said the comment. “Agreed, we all know the struggle,” replied another user.

One of the other biggest takeaways from the thread is that certain hop-ups, like Tempo, should be built into weapons, rather than being picked up. “Tempo is definitely something that should be built into the Bow and Sentinel by default, they offer only slight advantages that don’t make the weapon out of balance by default.”


A different user responded calling for Shatter Caps, which allows the Bow or 30-30 repeater to switch fire types, to receive the same treatment. “No one is killing the game with shatter caps and it increases the versatility of weapons that almost no one uses.”

None of the changes mentioned here would drastically alter the Apex Legends experience, but it’s easy to see how they could make the ground loot leaner and more useful. Fans will be hoping that Respawn take some of these suggestions on board when planning for Season 12.