Apex Legends players suggest League of Legends style honor system with rewards

Alex Garton
Apex Legends honor system
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have called for Respawn to add a League of Legends-style honor system that rewards good behavior and positive teammates.

While the new content that arrived with Season 10 is keeping the community busy, players are always coming up with new ideas and concepts to help improve Apex Legends.

In most cases, these features and suggestions are unique but sometimes, they’re borrowed from other titles that the community think Respawn could learn from.

Despite being in completely different gaming genres, it’s the MOBA League of Legends that players have turned to most recently, arguing that the Apex devs should implement a LoL-style honor system.

That way, the community will be able to recognize positive players and potentially even reward them for their good behavior.

Apex Legends Honor System
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends currently has no honor system.

How would a LoL-style honor system work in Apex Legends?

After finishing a League of Legends match, players are presented with a screen that shows all of their teammates from the game with an option to honor each of them for a specific reason.

Whether that’s just being friendly and positive or a great shot-caller during high-pressure situations, it allows you to praise your teammates for their hard work.

In the hopes of combating toxicity, Apex Legends players have taken to the game’s official subreddit to ask Respawn to implement a similar system.

They argue that this would encourage players to perform at their best on a regular basis, especially if there were rewards for those with good behavior.

There’s no reason why a system like this couldn’t be added to Apex Legends and with a few rewards for those who stick to the rules, it likely would help to combat toxicity.

It could even follow LoL’s system completely and add an honor level that players can build up over time.

Although it’s unlikely Respawn would give out free packs to well-behaved players, a set of badges or gun charms could be enough of an incentive.

Fingers crossed Respawn see this post and think about potentially adding a system that rewards positive members of the community.