Apex Legends

Apex Legends players suggest brilliantly cruel way to deal with cheaters

by Joe Craven


According to one Reddit post, Apex Legends players want a more severe punishment for cheaters, rather than simply outright banning them.


Cheating takes place in more or less every game, with different punishments handed out depending on the offence and the game in question, from temporary suspensions to permanent bans. 

Epic Games, developers of Fortnite, went as far as to purchase video game security firm Kamu in October, specifically to combat cheaters.

The first person battle royale exploded in popularity last month.


It seems now, however, that some Apex Legends players are sick of having their games ruined by people cheating, and have suggested a more serious form of punishment. 

Reddit user ‘RussianPandaOriginal’ posted their thoughts to the official Apex Legends subreddit, arguing that they should be secretly blacklisted and forced to play against one another. The post, as of March 3, stands at just under 10,000 up-votes.

Blacklisting involves ostracizing a group of people who are perceived to have done something wrong, in this case cheating, and the notion of forcing them to all play against each other is undoubtedly a comedic suggestion.

Don’t ban cheaters, instead discreetly blacklist them and make them play against each other. from r/apexlegends


The Reddit user goes on to state that since the game’s developers have banned 16,000 cheaters in the first week “there is probably enough people in the player-base” for their idea to become a reality.

The suggestion to “stream it on Twitch” promotes a hilarious image of 60 players, all cheating, going against one another. At least that way the average player’s game won’t be ruined.