Apex Legends devs ‘will consider’ genius Call of Duty-style change to weapon sights

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Apex Legends players have wanted Respawn to add a custom reticle feature for quite some time, and the developers finally responded, revealing they have “no current plans” to add one, but will consider it.

Whether it’s crosshairs, reticle color, sensitivity, or graphics, FPS players are extremely particular about their options and setup. This is certainly the case in Apex Legends, where players can spend hours trying to find the perfect settings.

Despite this, Apex is still lacking some of the customizable options Rainbow and Call of Duty have. As a result, the community has been calling for Respawn to add the feature, even if it’s only reticle color, and the devs responded.

Warzone reticle customizationTreyarch/Activision
Warzone allows players to completely customize their reticle

Apex Legends devs respond to calls for custom reticle feature

It was only a matter of time before the question popped up in the Apex Legends Legacy Update AMA. But instead of dodging the question, a developer responded, saying there are “no current plans for crosshair customization” due to the complexity behind them.

“They don’t just grow and shrink in size due to hip-fire spread! They move based on aim point movement due to animation and such, change color and add elements sometimes due to character abilities, fade in and out based on sprinting and ammo, go transparent on and off with ADS and menus, and all sorts of stuff.”

“Building a system such that we can present options for players, preview the results, and hook all that data deep into our crosshair UI script would be a really massive undertaking, and it would make future changes and new crosshair additions way more difficult. It’s just not high on the priority list.”

However, it’s not all bad news. The developer admitted the feature would be nice, and hinted there’s a slight chance we could “get some smaller scope stuff in like color adjustments,” but there were “no promises.”

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends players want more options regarding reticles.

Apex Legends players have wanted custom reticles for a long time

You don’t have to look far to find a thread about custom reticles. One that popped up recently on Apex Legends subreddit gained nearly 15,000 upvotes, which is insane. The demand has been there for a long time now.

Currently, players can switch to a colorblind mode that makes their reticle yellow. However, there are no other color options besides those two and it’s obvious Apex players want more freedom when it comes to customizing their weapon sights.

Cata_1029 has even created a graphic detailing how the feature could be displayed in the game’s settings.

While a reticle feature borrowed from Siege and Call of Duty certainly wouldn’t be as exciting as a new Legend releasing, it would provide players with a great quality of life change.

Visibility in FPS’s is absolutely essential for players and giving them more choice over their UI and setup is never a bad decision.

It’s great that Resawn has finally acknowledged the demand, but hopefully they come through with the goods, even if it’s just a simple color change option.