Apex Legends players think they’ve spotted Loba’s first in-game teaser

Respawn Entertainment

Eagle-eyed Apex Legends players may have spotted the first signs another character may soon be arriving in the battle royale in Season 4, after what looked like a wolf briefly ran across the new Planet Harvester.

Apex players have been overloaded with new content since Season 4 Assimilation dropped, from deadly new legend Revenant, to a new sniper rifle, and a revamped World’s Edge map split apart by a towering combine engine.

That doesn’t mean diehard fans haven’t kept their eyes peeled for more potential teasers, especially after Respawn seemed to have tucked a potential first-look at Loba into Season 4’s trailer. Now, they may have just found one.

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Screenshot: SheeplessWolf via Respawn Entertainment
Could Apex players have really spotted a wolf running through the Planet Harvester?

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Eagle-eyed players spot a wolf in World’s Edge

The short in-game clip, captured ironically enough by Reddit user SheeplessWolf and shared on February 11, appears to show a dog or wolf running along one of the upper platforms in Season 4’s new locale, the Planet Harvester.

SheeplessWolf even shared a second version of the same clip, slowed down, and while it’s difficult to depict exactly what the blurred shape is, it certainly looks to be some kind of wolf bounding along. After a split second, it disappears.

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The eagle-eyed player shared their clip to Reddit as quickly as possible, adding that they “swear to god saw a dog running around.” The Apex player also added when they went to investigate, they only found “a solo Bangalore hiding.”

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Is it actually a wolf, or just a visual bug?

Last time players believed they had discovered an in-game teaser, it turned out to just be a bug in the game code firing off, and was disproven by popular data miner That1MiningGuy. This time around, he’s not so sure it’s fake.

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At first, the code-digging player seemed to believe it was another case of the invisibility glitch that has plagued Apex since the season update. After further digging, however, it appears he may have changed his mind.

“WTF,” T1MG began. “I slowed down the only zoomed-in part even more, and I’m pretty sure that’s not a Wraith or a Revenant crouch-walking. With all the invisible bugs going around [though], it’s too tough to tell with that video if it’s real.”

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The ‘wolf’ may not only be appearing at Planet Harvester

Other Apex players have also embraced what appears to be a Loba/Rosie teaser. In the original clip thread, some even revealed what appeared to be a wolf appearance wasn’t a one-off occurrence. Others reported noises too.

‘DolceAndHavana’ admitted they had been “hearing dogs in the game lately,” including “barks, growls, and howls from time to time,” and ‘AwfullyUber’ agreed. The second user added they had regularly heard the noises at Train Yard “every single time I’m there.”

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Some fans even went so far as to imagine Loba may be a grown-up version of Rosie from the trailer, complete with a “Simulacrum Wolf companion she can sick on players,” which players have just started seeing in-game.

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What do we already know about Loba/Rosie?

Well, for a start, there’s a good chance we were just introduced to the wolf-themed legend in the blood-soaked Revenant trailer, with many buying into the theory the daughter of the murdered thief will become the new fighter.

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Before Revenant pulls off his murder, we see the young girl and her family—revealed to be part of a wealthy Portuguese crime group. Her father’s last living act is to give her a silver wolf head, which can be translated to the feminine noun ‘loba’ in Portuguese, the language the family can be heard speaking.

This potential backstory ties into the leaked abilities we’ve already seen through data mining, which include “Burglar’s Best Friend,” “Supply for Demand,” “Black Market Boutique,” and “Eye for Quality.” All of them are crime-themed.

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Finally, Respawn revealed on January 29 that the Season 4 trailer would connect the “murder of James ‘The Forge’ McCormick with a 25-year unsolved cold case.” The murder of a young Rosie’s thief parents, maybe?

Respawn Entertainment
Rosie/Loba could arrive in the Apex Games searching for revenge against her father’s robotic killer.

While many expected to see the recently-killed Forge return from the dead to join the legends roster if we had a second hero enter the Apex Games in Season 4, the possible appearance of these wolves may herald a different path.

For now, keep your eyes peeled for more canine appearances at the Planet Harvester, and across World’s Edge — until Respawn weigh in on the mysterious shadowy figures, it could well be the first teaser for Loba’s arrival.

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