Apex Legends players split over #NoApexAugust boycott for Season 14

Fuse in Apex Legends battle pass skinRespawn/EA

Ahead of Season 14, some Apex Legends players are participating in the #NoApexAugust boycott over issues with the battle royale. Though, not everyone is sold on the idea.

With Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted on the horizon, Respawn Entertainment will be looking to clean up a number of the overarching issues that have plagued the battle royale for a number of months.

These issues include a seemingly increasing number of cheaters with aim bots, hackers being able to teleport players out of matches, hit registration not working, and problems with progressing the battle pass.

As a result, some players have already committed to not playing the battle royale until a new update comes out and addresses many, if not all, of these issues. However, some are going a bit further than that.

#NoApexAugust boycott starts ahead of Season 14

That’s right, some players are hopping aboard a new protest movement that they’re calling #NoApexAugust where, as the name suggests, they won’t play the battle royale for an entire month.

“There are countless fun and creative video games out there, do yourself a favor and leave Apex for a month. Find something new and exciting to play, variety is the spice of life,” one Apex fan account tweeted, garnering a fair bit of support.

“Don’t play, don’t watch streams,” another fan added. “This is going to be a rough month, but it’s for the best,” commented another player.

Naturally, some players are pretty skeptical about the boycott having any impact, especially as the new season launches on August 9th.

“MFs tweeting out #NoApexAugust like they aren’t going to get on the game on August 9th to try the new legend, get back to Skull Town and grind out the levels,” replied SomeoneWhoLeaks. “#NoApexAugust isn’t going to work if everyone just hops back on after month. You gotta stop playing completely until the issues are fixed,” noted another player.

When a new season is released, Apex’s player count typically skyrockets, so it’ll be difficult to see if the boycott has an impact until then.

There are plenty of photos and videos across social media of players uninstalling the battle royale, but we’ll have to wait and see how things shake out.