Apex Legends players slam “shameless” Celestial Sunrise collection event reward

Respawn Entertainment

The Celestial Sunrise collection event’s final reward has been revealed, and Apex Legends players aren’t impressed with the “shameless” Peacekeeper skin players get for buying out the entire event.

The price players are expected to pay to finish out a collection event is a steep one. These events typically come with 24 items in total, making the cost of getting everything via chests around $160 USD.

Considering the most you can spend on Apex coins at once is $100, players will have to purchase multiple currency packs to buy out the event. However, the 24 items players get for completing the event paired with highly sought after heirlooms make these events worth the cost for many Apex Legends fans.

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The upcoming Celestial Sunrise collection event’s reward is a reactive Peacekeeper skin instead of a shiny new heirloom, one that closely mirrors a pre-existing battle pass skin. Players aren’t too happy with the asking price for the skin, calling it a “shameless” event reward.

Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise collection event causes backlash

Collection events have been a massive part of Apex Legends’ content cycle. On top of bringing themed skins that celebrate the event, they often come with Limited-Time game modes and other fresh content that brings something for everyone to enjoy.

And, while the price of getting your hands on something like an heirloom is steep, it’s worth it in the eyes of many players. Especially if it’s for one of your favorite legends.

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But the new Reactive Peacekeeper skin hasn’t seen the same level of satisfaction from players, leading many to point out that it’s very similar to a previous battle pass reward while arguing that it isn’t worth the asking price.

Season 3 battle pass skin ‘Frostbite’ on top, Collection event reward ‘Jadeite Retribution’ on bottom

For comparison’s sake, here’s the original Season 3 battle pass skin, ‘Frostbite’, next to the new weapon skin. They have the same ironsights and frame, and players have assumed it’ll have the same 3-tiered progression as the Frostbite skin where more and more spikes get added to the weapon as you get kills. Even if it isn’t a direct recolor, the two skins are very close visually.

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Reddit wasn’t kind to this announcement, with players immediately recognizing the skin from Apex Legends’ early days. Reddit user fairlyhurtfoyer summed up Apex players’ frustrations with monetization with a comment discussing the progression of collection event rewards.

“First it was heirlooms for $160. Expensive, but fair enough, those are unique items for each legend. Then, we got ‘progressive’ legend skins sold as mythics. Also $160, and another way for Respawn to expand and have more CE every season. There was more backlash. So now, naturally, we get a recolor of a reactive Peacekeeper skin that was given out in the Battle Pass many seasons ago (S3).”

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This user also mentioned that they wouldn’t be surprised to see heirloom recolors at this point, followed by another redditor discussing the rumors that a Wraith heirloom recolor is up next.

The comments on the Celestial Sunrise megathread are filled with users complaining about the current state of the game, whether it be complaints about server issues or frustration with the event itself. One user went as far as calling Respawn’s upcoming event “blatantly shameless”.