Apex Legends players slam ‘loot bandits’ ruining Season 13 Armory locations

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Apex Armory
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Apex Legends players are calling for a big change to the new Season 13 IMC Armories that would keep the loot thieves away and make using the feature more viable. 

Armories give players an alternate way to level up their gear other than running around the map and scouring every possible building and box.

These one-stop shops contain everything a player needs to get stocked up and ready to dive into the action.

When players play by the rules it’s a surefire way to ramp up a squad’s power, but the lack of structure is ultimately their fatal flaw according to the community.

Apex Legends players call for big change to Season 13 Armories

Apex Legends Armory
The Armory should be a place of cooperation, but that’s not exactly what’s happening so far in Season 13.

The problem isn’t in the fighting portion of the experience but in the looting that happens afterward

While each player gets their own lootbox with personalized attachments and gear inside, any other player in the game can loot from your box once it has been opened.

This is allowing loot bandits to swoop in and take away valuable items from their rightful owners.

One player proposed an easy fix in making these locations work like the Replicator, where looting requires either a moderate amount of time to pass or a ping from the person who spent the materials.

This has proven to be a popular idea, as others in the community have shared their early horror stories with the current system.

One player pointed out that the only real strategy to fight against this is to play the patience game with anyone they don’t trust: “This happened so many times for me. I usually have to wait a long while because there would just be a guy standing there waiting for me to open my box. ”

IMC armory inside
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Weapons and loot are available in the Armory – if you can collect them fast enough anyway. 

The only other alternative is to attempt to race for your loot, but another commenter pointed out that this doesn’t always work out either.

“The crazy s**t is that, for some reason, the person behind has better chance of getting it,” they said.

It’s not a change that will change the game to a major degree, but it would go a long way toward making players more comfortable taking advantage of the new resource.

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