Apex Legends players reignite controller vs KBM debate over aim assist mechanic

Joe Craven
Wattson using the Kraber Apex
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have been left pondering the game’s aim assist mechanic after a discovery by one player appears to show that certain optical attachments do not give players aim assist – even on console.

The controller versus mouse and keyboard debate is nothing new in Apex Legends, or gaming for that matter. Long have PC players complained that controller aim assist is overpowered, and long have controller players complained that the precision and mobility mice bring is unfair.

As more and more titles – including Apex Legends – incorporate crossplay, the debate is becoming more prominent rather than reaching a natural, amicable conclusion.

It has also been reignited as Apex fans realized that certain optical attachments do not give users aim assist, even when playing on controller.

Apex Legends hacker Tufi
Respawn Entertainment
Weapons in Apex have a number of optics players can attach depending on preference.

Redditor ‘thatkotaguy‘ shared a Firing Range clip on December 31, showing that when scopes from 6x and higher are equipped, weapons do not receive any aim assist.

When tracking their crosshair over the enemy with a less-magnified scope, the player’s aim is slowed slightly. When this is done with the most magnified scopes, they do not receive any help from the game.

It took some players by surprise, especially those who play with controller and are accustomed to having the mechanic help their accuracy in gunfights.

However, some explained it in the comments, stating that it may actually help controller players when lining up long-range shots and going for the head: “Makes sense, with long range you usually have to lead shots so aim assist locking onto the target would be detrimental.”

Others, though, suggested they struggle with snipers as a result and that aim assist should apply to sniper optics too. One said: “Explains why I can’t hit sh*t with a Kraber.”

Naturally, there were some KBM players who were pleased to see that snipers do not offer players the same help when aiming.

Whilst a general consensus is never going to be reached, it may push more controller players to operate their snipers with iron sights, where they’ll still get a helping hand from aim assist.