Apex Legends players plead for Mad Maggie buffs as play rate slides further

apex-legends-mad-maggie-buff-season-12Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are pleading for Respawn to buff Mad Maggie after her play rate has plummeted further in Season 12. She currently stands as the third-least played legend on the roster — and falling/

Apex Legends Season 12 introduced the latest legend on the roster, Mad Maggie. At first, she was one of the most popular picks in the season, sparking concern from players and the broader community at large.

However, the legend’s weaknesses have been exposed since then, and as a result, her pick rate has plummeted.

As it stands, she is now the third-least played legend on the roster, with a measly 2.2% pick rate.

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In a bid to fix that, players are urging Respawn to take action and buff some aspects to make her more viable. The community even brainstormed ideas and discussed them in the thread to point them in the right direction.

“Her ultimate is a bit underwhelming sometimes, and the cooldown for the drill seems a tiny bit high,” said one player. “The ultimate can be difficult to keep in a straight path due to collisions causing it to change directions.”

As for the tactical, they added: “I would either like to see a small buff to the diameter of the drill and leave cooldown, give two drills at a time with the same CD but slightly decrease DPS, diameter, and length the drill shoots out the other side of an object.”

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Another player disagreed about Mad Maggie’s drill tactical needing buffs, claiming it’s “actually useful” in some situations, particularly when it comes to pushing. Instead, they believe her ultimate is what needs fixing.

“Her ultimate is really lackluster,” they said. “The speed boost it gives her is negligible. It never really disrupts a team. I think if they just re-work her ultimate, she can potentially see more play as an offensive legend.”

Of course, not everyone agreed that her abilities were the issue.

“I think she just needs to be all-around more interesting,” said another player. “She needs better skins, more attention from the game, and maybe more dialogue.”

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Either way, the fact her pick rate is plummeting further is a sign that something needs to change. Apex Legends Season 13 isn’t too far away, so if changes are coming, it’ll be soon.