Apex Legends players plan to boycott “overpriced” Prestige Bloodhound skin

Bloodhound Prestige skinRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are voicing their frustration after a leak has revealed that the Bloodhound Prestige skin will only be available after all 24 items in the Anniversary Collection event have been unlocked.

In every Collection event in Apex Legends, Respawn typically releases a melee Heirloom for one of the characters on the roster. These items are incredibly difficult to acquire and have a set of unique animations making them extremely sought-after.

However, heading into Season 12 and the Anniversary Collection event, a leak has revealed that instead of an Heirloom, the devs are offering the Prestige Bloodhound skin showcased in the Defiance gameplay trailer.

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This means in order to unlock the skin, players will need to purchase and collect all 24 event cosmetics which can cost up to $164.

While this is the typical price of an Heirloom, a lot of the community don’t believe a skin is equivalent to the prized melee collectibles, and are threatening to boycott the event.

Bloodhound Prestige boycottRespawn Entertainment
The Prestige Bloodhound skin has special animations and finishers.

Apex players frustrated with price of Prestige Bloodhound skin

On February 3, a leak revealed that the Prestige Bloodhound skin was going to replace the typical Heirloom in the Anniversary Collection event.

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While this has not been confirmed by Respawn, a lot of the community has been discussing whether the skin is worth the same amount as an Heirloom.

Although some players believe there is no difference, a lot of the community have called out Respawn and threatened to boycott the entire event.

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With all 24 items in the event expected to cost around $164, players are frustrated that a skin has been allocated the same value as an Heirloom.

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Multiple videos and threads have been posted to the Apex Legends subreddit expressing the community’s frustration over Respawn’s decision to include the “overpriced” skin in the event, even calling it out as the “dumbest thing they’ve done.”

Although the Heirlooms cost that much in every event, the main argument against Respawn seems to be that skin will never be worth that much, even it has special animations and a unique finisher.

With the Anniversary Collection event only weeks away, it’s unlikely that the devs are going to remove the Bloodhound Prestige skin if the leaks are correct.

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However, with the community threatening and planning a boycott, Respawn may have to listen if the hashtag and backlash pick up enough steam on social media.

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