Apex Legends players make surprise pick for Season 12’s most underrated weapon

Apex Legends Fuse holding 30-30 repeater with other characters shootingRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have named what they think is the most “underrated” weapon in Season 12, and the answer might just surprise you a little. 

With Apex Legends having such a massive loot pool these days, every player has different thoughts about the ideal loadout they would want to run in matches.

While there are meta weapons – many players opt for the C.A.R. SMG and R301 in Season 12, with the Triple Take also being a popular selection – you can use pretty much every gun on offer on your path to victory.

There are some weapons, of course, that players would rather avoid at all costs, but they can end up being underrated as others find success with them.

Apex Legends gear, armor and shields in Firing Range with logoRespawn/EA
The loot pool in Apex is massive, and everyone has their ideal choices.

Well, with Season 12 starting to come towards the end of it’s cycle – seeing as the teasers for Season 13 have already gotten underway – some players have picked the most “slept on” weapon in-game currently.

While plenty of weapons were given nods by players, one answer stood out above the rest: the 30-30 repeater. “It’s actually underrated. It feels like a G7 to me but slightly better,” said Redditor SuperSlime988. “The 30-30 is outrageously good. It is easy cracks all day,” added another.

Some players noted that the lever-action rifle, which was introduced back in Season 8 alongside Fuse, requires a few attachments to really bring out its true power, which can harm its cause in being a respected choice.

Other players stated that the Sentinel, Charge Rifle, and Hemlok are also worthy of the underrated crown, but it’s the 30-30 that has won the popular vote.

Of course, as we move into Season 13, Respawn will more than likely rejig the loot pool, handing out buffs and nerfs as they see fit. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see which side the 30-30 falls on when it comes to those changes.