Apex Legends players keep finding “unfair” hiding spots on multiple maps

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Apex Legends players keep coming across “unfair” hiding spots on World’s Edge and Storm Points that lets characters like Valkyrie retreat to safety, asking Respawn to reconsider what’s “safe” and what’s not.

A ‘rat spot’ is the typical moniker for places around Apex Legends maps that give solo players relative safety in a chaotic lobby. They can hole up to wait out the zones, or for unsuspecting teams to come by.

In the purview of a battle royale, finding and using rat spots are fair game. But every once in a while, players discover a location that leans on glitches in Apex Legends to make them useful.

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High-mobility Legends like Pathfinder and Valkyrie, among others, usually have the best luck finding them since they can reach places no other characters can.

People like user ‘A1sauc3d’ found one while “stumbling” through World’s Edge. Atop the high walls of the Harvestor’s nearby canyons, the player landed on a ledge that isn’t readily accessible nor within anyone’s immediate eyesight.

But the crux of these hiding spots comes in the lack of a ‘Return to the battle!’ warning that the game gives if it detects a person is veering outside the area of play.

Another such spot was found on Storm Point’s Barometer in which user ‘ten_cizinec’ bailed out of a bad situation just to see that they were allowed to camp on top of a nearby building.

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Ten_cizinec managed to not only evade his attackers but also popped a Phoenix Kit to get back to full health.

Usually, people slowly slide off angled buildings like this, a hint that they’re not meant to be permanent retreats for players. But the redditor wasn’t being pushed off from his perch and it was fair game as far as Apex’s systems were concerned.

Sometimes instances like these are caused by a glitch or oversight by the devs, which usually leads Respawn to fix them as soon as they’re aware of the issue. Until then though, use them to your advantage.

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