Apex Legends players jealous as Apex Mobile adds de-ranking to Ranked play

valkyrie flying in sky in apex legendsResRespawn Entertainment

De-ranking has long been requested in Apex Legends ranked mode as players are constantly left stranded in a division too good for them. This is why it’s disheartening for many to see that Apex Mobile already has this much sought-after system.

Apex Legends players always go through that hot spell in which every match you pick up kills, you feel invincible, and as result, you rank up — a lot. The consequence of some good form is that you can actually be punished for it in the long term.

Respawn Entertainment’s ranked system for Apex Legends pretty much means that if you manage to break through your standard rank, e.g Platinum and get to Diamond, then you’d better hope you can cope with the increased competition in Diamond as you could be there a while.

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Many players often get left stranded in a rank that, on average, is above their skill level. Whereas Apex Mobile already has a de-ranking system, and console and PC players are disappointed about this.

bloodhound running around in apex legends mobileRespawn Entertainment
Players adore many of the subtle nuances of Apex Mobile compared to the regular game.

Apex Legends ranked needs a de-rank

Whilst showing off Apex Mobile’s hilarious mocking messages about you being de-ranked in Apex Legends mobile, jealous players also responded to Reddit user Prateek_khr’s demonstration of the feature.

Their video showed them dropping down from Master I to Diamond I and the demotion came with an amusing message saying: “Your rank dropped. Such a pity!” It’s an amusing touch by the devs of the game, but it was more the relegation aspect that got to players.

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One player said: “Why do the mobile players always get what I want for years,” and another user offered: “De-Rank should 100% be a thing for everybody along with a minimum amount of wins to receive rank rewards. Not this “Let me hit Diamond and stop playing” NO, go win a minimum of 10 games before you receive Diamond Rewards.”

One Reddit user offered their stance on the situation saying: “I am the first to admit no de-rank is stupid af, but I just got in Diamond first time and lost a bunch of games, still Diamond, not fair to my teammates.” Whereas Pertudles simply said: “Hopefully, they bring that demotion to PC/Console.”

The Apex devs have addressed de-ranking in the past, and you’d have to think that given how much it’s requested and in demand, console and PC players will eventually be able to yo-yo between ranks with complete freedom.