Apex Legends

Apex Legends players infuriated by "disgusting" server issues

by David Purcell


Angry Apex Legends players have voiced their concerns about the current state of the game as a terrible server issue has been ruining matches. 

All players of the free-to-play title want to do is be able to run through matches without encountering any snags or problems that put them at a disadvantage, yet some are claiming that the servers are actually shutting down halfway through the Apex Games.

A number of members of the game's online community have been posting about the problem on the Apex Legends subreddit, with one fan describing the freezing and shutting down of servers as "disgusting".

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends players aren't too happy with the servers, at the time of writing.


Reddit user Crouzer7 posted about the problem on December 30, reaching out to fellow players in order to see if this was something experienced just by them, or a more widespread case.

They wrote: "Servers freezing and shutting down. Matches not getting recorded. This is happening a lot now. Has this been happening to anyone else too?"

Sure enough, the thread was quickly packed out with a number of similar complaints from fans. "Literally just look at new posts, there's over 50 posts about this today," one stated, while a few more claimed that the frustrating server issue has actually forced them to temporarily stop playing.

Servers Freezing And Shutting Down. Matches not getting recorded. This is happening A lot now. Has this been happening to anyone else too? from r/apexlegends


The servers for this game – and many other battle royale titles like it – have experienced similar problems in the past and once sounded out to developers, it doesn't usually take a long time for a fix to be rolled out.

In what has become standard procedure when errors such as this occur, we decided to check out Respawn Entertainment's official Trello page to see if the persisting problem is due to be addressed any time soon.

However, there is no mention of incoming server maintenance at the time of writing. Hopefully, things will be back to normal soon.