Apex Legends

Apex Legends players furious as console lag remains after Feb 10 patch

by Brad Norton
Respawn Entertainment


Console players of Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale title have grown frustrated as a February 10 update failed to fix a wide array of prominent Apex Legends issues.

Apex Legends was hit with a console patch today in an attempt to address recent stuttering and freezing issues. It appears as though the update hasn’t quite resolved everything though as the community has highlighted a number of complications in the most recent version of the game.

From laggy gameplay to enemies not appearing properly, the console experience seems to be bogged down by just as many issues as before.


Initially labeled as ‘game-breaking’ issues, many console players have been putting up with subpar gameplay of late as Apex Legends has become more and more trying due to widespread performance issues.

Deploying an update on February 10, the Xbox One community in particular was supposed to be treated to a smoother performance from this day forward, yet a number of players have been reporting similar bugs. 

“What exact ‘performance issues’ did it fix?” Reddit user ‘leefybeefy’ questioned as they showcased stuttering gameplay that made it a challenge to even so much as move without rubber-banding back into place.

Eventually, when they were able to break free of the invisible shackles, the experience was choppy at best with their character constantly skipping from moment to moment.


Similarly, Reddit user ‘Lotus_experience’ argued that the February 10 update actually made the game “worse on Xbox,” as opposed to improving it.

After dropping into a fresh battle, they looted a few nearby containers for some early-game equipment. Trading out an EVA-8 Auto Shotgun for a Havok, their weapon vanished entirely, leaving them running through the map unarmed.

Before long the game stuttered again, and they were shot down amidst the lag. Without any real say in the matter, the player was taken out of the equation before they were even able to put up a proper fight.


Despite their efforts to remedy the situation and ensure a smooth gameplay experience for console players with the recent update, it appears as though Respawn still has its work cut out to reach an even playing field.

There’s no telling when another update may be issued, though given how quickly the developers tried to implement an initial fix, it’s likely that console players won’t be left in the dark for too long.