Apex Legends players frustrated with “unrewarding” anniversary event rewards

Purple skins in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have been left pretty frustrated by the rewards in the third-anniversary event, especially with the amount of “filler” being used.

In the three years since Apex Legends was first launched, Respawn Entertainment have been celebrating the battle royale’s anniversary with events including new cosmetics, updates, and more.

That’s been the same story in Season 12: Defiance, with the third-anniversary event bringing in a boatload of new skins, challenges, and the pretty divisive Prestige cosmetics.

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Players have also been given a handful of free Apex packs as well, though, they are pretty annoyed by what they perceive to be too many “filler” rewards from Respawn, especially in the form of holosprays.

Apex Legends anniversary rewardsRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends is giving players free rewards to celebrate the anniversary.

Plenty of players have taken to social media to voice their frustrations with the rewards and cosmetics in the anniversary event, both coming from free packs and those that they’ve paid for.

“Holosprays should not be part of a collection event. Absolutely no one wants them and getting them from the free event tracker is so unrewarding,” stated SkinniestPhallus, gaining plenty of support from their fellow Redditors.

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“Its sole purpose is just to fill up the packs so people would get more sh**ty items forcing them to roll more packs,” claimed another, while others widened the net to include other items. “Gun charms need to go too, IMO. One of the most useless things ever created,” added another player.

Another argued that the rarities of some items should be tweaked to alleviate some of the issues. “All charms, holosprays, trackers, banners, and voice lines should only be considered either white or blue rarity and never purple or gold,” they said.

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Obviously, not everyone is against holosprays and regularly use them in-game to flex on enemies, but plenty do want to see change. Though, that lies with Respawn and Respawn only.