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Apex Legends players “frustrated” by Gibraltar in Season 11

Published: 23/Jan/2022 1:00

by Alan Bernal


The state of Gibraltar in Apex Legends Season 11 is “frustrating” some players. From his “bubble” to the Legend’s high health making him insanely hard to takedown, players are calling for changes.

Gibraltar mains are loving the character’s power in the current meta but some people are finding it maddening to takedown the OG Apex pick. For a long time, Respawn Entertainment have been searching for a way to make Gibby enticing to pick and it seems like it’s finally sticking.

Many in the battle royale’s community who’ve had to contend with the walking tank feel he can be unstoppable especially considering the current Apex loot pool.


One player even compared fighting Gibby to punching him continuously, and not even making a dent, using a modified Metal Gear Rising meme to make their point.

How it feels to fight gibby with red armor from apexlegends

The clip was met with hilarious anecdotes from players going up against him, while others wouldn’t mind if Respawn tweaked the Legend a bit.

“They need to remove Fortified from Gibby. Only Caustic deserves it,” one player said. “Gibby has arm shield and Dome, plus 15% reduced damage, it’s stupid.”

For all of Gibraltar’s defensive stats, Apex players need to unload multiple clips to get the character to low-HP let alone down them.


“300 hp with 15% dmg reduction for 225 of it, yeah I’d be frustrated,” another person said. Another person shared a similar sentiment: “It takes 308 fricking damage to kill a red armor Gibby, I dislike it so much.”

Gibraltar apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Gibby has come a long way since Apex Legends’ release, and he’s a strong pick in the current meta.

The Shielded Fortress is living up to his name in Season 11 and people have noticed. From casual fans to pro players, there’s been a few calls to nerf some of Gibby’s kit.

Whether or not Respawn answer those calls remains to be seen. While Gibby is strong – and a staple in the pro meta – he isn’t wildly popular among casuals, and nerfs might reduce his pick rate further.