Apex Legends

Apex Legends players find Octane's Launch Pad Ultimate Ability in-game

by Albert Petrosyan


As the Apex Legend community patiently awaits the release of the new Legend Octane, players have begun to find traces of its existence already in-game.


From all of the information that has been leaked about Octane, it's pretty much set in stone at this point that the new Legend's Ultimate Ability will be called Launch Pad.

According to the leaks, this ability will allow Octane to deploy a Launch Pad onto the ground that will "catapult users through the air," suggesting that it can be used by both teammates and foes.


While Respawn have yet to even confirm that Octane will be the next Legend, let alone what it's abilities will be, players have already come across these Launch Pads when playing.

On March 15, social media was being filled with screenshots and images of these Launch Pads in the actual game, clear as day. 


Furthermore, not only have these Launch Pads inexplicably began appearing all over the map, they are apparently very much usable at this point.

In the video below, the player approaches the Launch Pad at an angle and walks over it, which causes him to fly high into the air and land at some distance away.

A second attempt allows him to catapult all the way onto the roof of a nearby building, giving a glimpse as to the potential of this device. 


Update: It looks like the surprise appearance of the launch pad was actually an intentional move by Respawn developers, as the game files label it a "sneak peak."

On Reddit, a number of Respawn developers were also replying to posts about the Launch Pad sightings with knowing smiles, and stating that they were also coming to PC.



The appearances of these Launch Pads was not the only Octane-related content to be found in Apex Legends on March 15.

Players have also reported that an in-game visual bug is revealing a slight glimpse of what many are speculating is the reveal trailer for the new Legend.

As can be seen in the video below, as soon as the King's Canyon loading screen cuts out, the screen momentarily freezes on a never-before-seen cutscene, with all of the legends walking together towards a mysterious

As for anyone who may be concerned that the appearance of this new content may be the result of a glitch or, even worse, falsified, this Reddit comment made by a Respawn developer pretty much confirms everything to be as real as it gets. 


So what does this mean for Octane and its potential release? While we still don't have a set date, the appearance of all of this new content heavily suggests that the new Legend will be making its debut sooner rather than later.