Apex Legends players find hidden tunnel on Kings Canyon that’s been there forever

swamps on kings canyonRespawn Entertainment

The Mandela effect is in full swing in Apex Legends, as a large swathe of the community was shocked to discover that there is a secretive tunnel on Kings Canyon – which has actually been there since the game first released.

With the big battle royale maps like we see in Apex Legends, players are always discovering new spots, routes to get high ground and smart grapple positions with Pathfinder.

Even after over two years of Kings Canyon, some players are discovering totally new locations on the map – such as the tunnel located near the swamps.

As some day-one players will know, this tunnel has always been there, but it’s not exactly obvious, or very useful. So it came as a surprise to thousands when a clip of it was shared online.

Bloodhound in the swampsRespawn Entertainment
You can check out the tunnel yourself in the swamps area of Kings Canyon.

Hidden tunnel on Kings Canyon?

If you haven’t looked for it before, it’s not unreasonable to have never noticed this hidden tunnel. After all, it doesn’t serve any useful rotation purpose, but it does have a couple of loot bins inside.

On September 11, Apex player u/Sametg73 posted “I’m probably the last to know, but since when is there this tunnel on Kings Canyon?” – and to their amazement, plenty of other players also had no idea about it.

Some OG players said “Don’t think I’ve been through this thing once. Not a single damn time.” Another said “I’ve been playing since s1 and landed swamp a million times and I’ve legit never seen this in my life. What area is it at?”


In general, Swamps is a fairly overlooked area of Kings Canyon, perhaps due to its location on the very outskirts of the map. It also feels pretty rare for the final circle to end in this location.

This tunnel might not serve much of a gameplay purpose outside of a sneaky hiding spot, but, with so many players apparently unaware of it, you might be able to bamboozle enemies with it and get an unsuspecting flank on them.