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Apex Legends players find evidence that Revenant’s hitbox is broken

Published: 18/Feb/2020 21:14 Updated: 18/Feb/2020 21:21

by Eli Becht


Revenant is the hottest commodity in Apex Legends with the launch of Season 4, but some players have discovered the new character’s hitbox leaves a lot to be desired.

As players are trying out the new character, they are quickly discovering he takes a lot of unnecessary damage. This is due to his hitbox being a bit larger than his slender frame would suggest.

The smaller characters in Apex Legends actually take more damage than the bulkier ones, given the fact they are usually harder to hit, so this could be a big issue.

Respawn Entertainment
Revenant is the newest legend arrive in World’s Edge.

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One player has shown Revenant’s hitbox covers a bit more area than it should, making him a tad easier to hit that his slim counterpart Wraith, for example.


It originally had looked like the new Legend had one of the smallest hitboxes in the games, but as it turns out, that isn’t quite the case.

A video uploaded by Reddit user SAS97x highlights this issue, showing that players can actually aim just a little above Revenant’s head, or just between his legs with the crosshair set on nothing, and they would still be able to land shots.

5% Damage increase doesnt seem justified for Revenant. His Hitbox is actually pretty disjointed in many areas from apexlegends

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Obviously, this, coupled with the fact that Revenant takes more damage than a typical character, is a recipe for disaster. Anyone who is looking to main this new Legend could quickly grow frustrated with the hitbox inconsistencies and drop him in exchange for a more durable character.


It’s not exactly a good look for the new season, but if enough players voice concerns about this problem, Respawn will have no choice but to step in and address it.

Respawn Entertainmnet
Revenant and Season 4 are live now in Apex Legends.

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A good way for players to know what the devs are working on behind the scenes would be checking their Trello board. Anything being worked on will be posted there and players will even be able to see when the fixes are coming.

If Revenant’s hitbox does end up being worked on, that will be one of the first places it’ll be mentioned.