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Apex Legends players find clues for possible King's Canyon map update

by square1


An eagle-eyed Apex Legends player spotted some construction materials scattered around the King’s Canyon map, prompting questions from fans as to whether an update will be happening soon.

The game is currently in the middle of its ‘Legendary Hunt’ event, which includes the Apex Elite Queue, challenge rewards, rare skins, and the opportunity to earn double XP.

Apex fan I-KIA noticed that the King’s Canyon map has construction materials strewn around in various places, and posted a clip to Reddit for other players to see.

Respawn Entertainment / EA Games
Respawn Entertainment / EA Games
The construction materials have been spotted all over the map.

Another user commented, seemingly confirming the find, “I saw a few [construction materials]. One close to Skull Town too.”

“Now that it's mentioned, I did see a few of these and thought nothing of them,” someone else said, only just realizing what the materials could mean.

A blog post on the official Apex site hinted at a King’s Canyon map change back in April, stating, “You didn't expect Kings Canyon to stay the same forever, did you?” so it looks like an update could be imminent if the construction materials are anything to go by.

The last time players found things out of the ordinary was when Octane's Launch Pad ability showed up before his official release, which means this new discovery could also be pointing toward the arrival of the 10th Legend.

Kings Canyon in under construction :construction::lovestruck: from r/apexlegends

Season Two - What we know

The new Battle Pass is getting an update, with daily and weekly challenges, and reduced level-up times compared to the first one.

A new Legend is also expected to be unveiled, as well as new weapons, and additional points of interest for King's Canyon.

Apex will have a double XP weekend starting June 7 through June 10 to prepare players before the new pass drops.

Respawn has announced that they're revealing more details on Season Two at the EA Play event on June 8.