Apex Legends players discover serious issue with Season 6 weapon skin

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Apex Legends players have discovered that the tier-100 G7 Scout camo in the Season 6 Battle Pass is heavily bugged when you try to aim down the sights.

Season 6’s Battle Pass brings a ton of great cosmetics and skins for players to collect, but one of them, for the G7 Scout, has a glaring visual glitch that’s throwing some people off.

The reliable G7 has been in Apex Legends since release and is a favorite mid to long-range battle rifle for many players, so when new skins come out for the weapon they’re usually pretty popular.

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There are two camos for the gun in the last two tiers of the current Battle Pass, but it’s the final skin unlocked at tier 110 that players are having trouble with due to a very annoying glitch.

In the clip above you can see the bugged visuals as soon as the player pulls out the rifle, with small orange lights apparently just floating around the weapon. The tier-110 skin is obviously supposed to light up, but it seems like the graphics have been coded into the wrong spots.

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It’s not terribly intrusive when you’re just running around, but it becomes much more annoying when you actually try to look down the iron sights, which, with a weapon such as this one, is an absolute necessity.

Here, the glowing dots actually get in the way of your vision and cut off your line of sight, save for a small opening right around the iron sights, making it still possible to see enemies but much more difficult to hit them.

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Apex Legends G7 bugu/_babyray/Reddit
It’s not hard to see how this bug could get very annoying very quick in a fight.

The user who posted the clip also said the bug popped up when they used different sights and optics as well, so not even that fire loot you might find around the map can help you out here.

But there is some good news – this bug is pretty easy to avoid: just don’t equip the skin until it (hopefully) gets fixed. The only concern is that not many players have this camo yet, since it’s literally the final one in the Battle Pass, so it might be a while before there’s enough feedback about it for Respawn to notice.

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