Apex Legends players discover perfect high ground “rat spot” on Storm Point

This hiding spot on Apex Legends’ Storm Point is only accessible via Valkyrie ultimate and it places players in a spot that likely should be restricted from play in the first place. 

Apex’s focus on enhanced movement is a signature quality of the game. From Octane’s jump pad to Pathfinder’s grappling hook and zipline combination, there have been no shortage of ways to access unintentional hiding spots on each of the game’s four battle royale maps.

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This latest one might take the cake though, as it serves as both the perfect place to fight from and as one of the best places to get away from the action without being sussed out by another team.

Apex Legends players discover Valkyrie-exclusive “rat spot” on Storm Point

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Storm Point is full of fun places to outsmart other teams with but this one is borderline against the rules.

In the clip we see the Valkyrie on Loba’s team start her Skyward Dive while on top of a rock over by the prowler’s nest at the nature reserve.

From there the group ascends to the very top of the map before landing on a nearby care package that has been caught on top of the rocky outcropping in front of them.

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This area looks like it should be out of bounds but instead the squad lands there freely and loots the drop without ever incurring the usual death timer.


As one user predicted in the comments, it’s likely that this spot will get a lot of attention from players who are confident in their ability with long-range weapons: “Someone with a charge rifle up there could kill and be untouchable at the same time.

Another commenter suggested that while the offensive advantage is immediately obvious, it’s also the perfect place to hide out if your squad goes down or you need to buy some time until they can get to you: “I know people are going to abuse this to fight from high ground but I just want to use it as a rat spot once and see how it goes.”

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While technically not a violation of the game’s rules, this spot is still unfair to any team without a Valkyrie and will likely see a patch in the future.