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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players discover ingenious Loba interaction with Loot Vault

Published: 27/May/2020 2:28 Updated: 27/May/2020 4:40

by Alan Bernal


A newly discovered interaction between Loba and the Vaults in Apex Legends alerts nearby opponents of precious loot being stolen.

After reintroducing Worlds Edge in Season 5, the Respawn devs spruced up the place to account for the 13th Legend. This included a small addition to how Loot Vaults react after precious items inside were lifted by the High Society Thief.

Plotting to get access to the Loot Vault without a key, YouTuber ‘Henry VIII The Original Thot Slayer’ ran up to their Loba’s Black Market Boutique where there was Legendary gear listed.

After taking one of the items, the ult was destroyed and a trail, presumably the other vaulted items, went back to their place. The act also set off the alarms that the Loot Vaults are now equipped with.


The sound was blaring and consistent, as if the directors of the Apex Games prepped the Arena with the new renowned thief in mind.

Respawn Entertainment
Loba doesn’t really need a Vault Key on World’s Edge.

In a battle royale as tense as Apex, the map can fall silent for moments at a time. The blaring sirens would be a dead giveaway for hunters to redirect toward the nearest Vault to catch looting Lobas off-guard.

Though Loba gets away with a potential game-changing item, the tradeoff lies in the apparent danger of alerting nearby foes as well as the amount of items that are allowed to be stolen.

“You can’t see it from perspective but, you can take 1 gold item then this happens,” user ‘Dropammoplease’ said in reply to the video.



The community noted that this was a great example of foresight from the devs so that Loba’s wouldn’t run rampant on World’s Edge with her ultimate.

With the unique capabilities of her Black Market Boutique, the locked Loot Vaults would have made Loba an instant priority pick for people to harvest the Legendary items.

“That’s a pretty cool way to balance it,” ‘MawBTS1989’ said. “You can grab 1 high tier item but you can’t completely ransack the place.”

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Season 5 came with some balances in preparation for Loba’s debut on World’s Edge.

Though committed Loba’s can keep the five-finger discount for one vaulted item with every ultimate they acquire. So a team with enough persistence and Ultimate Accelerants can theoretically clear the room – taking away all the high-tier loot from the hardworking Legends who went through the trouble of getting a Vault Key.