Apex Legends players discover absurd new “mantle jump” mechanic

. 2 weeks ago
Valk in Apex Legends
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There’s no shortage of ways to surprise your enemies with movement in Apex Legends, but this new “mantle jump” mechanic might take the cake in terms of shock value. 

From punch boosting to tap-strafing, Apex Legends has always been a playground for innovation.

While new movement developments are happening every day across the internet, it’s pretty rare that players stumble upon one that is quite as shocking as this one.

It’s a little bit complicated, but once the pieces are in place, there’s nothing stopping good players from putting this to use and blowing their friends’ minds as they go.

Apex Legends’ new “mantle jump” is absolutely unbelievable

Apex Legends zipline
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ZIplines are a great way to get creative in Apex and this tech proves how valuable they can be.

This new technique actually combines a few older movement pieces together into one super combo that will send players soaring over their enemies’ heads.

It consists primarily of the Super Jump (in which a Legend interacts with a rope and jumps at the exact same time) and a mantle skip, which is a touch more complicated but is explained here.

If both pieces are performed exactly as intended, the results are absolutely mind blowing – and could single-handedly save a life in a close encounter.

The creator of this trick, u/thevilinside, left a detailed report on how to do it, but these are the basic steps:

  1. Jump off the zipline towards the ledge.
  2. Start holding the Hold Crouch key immediately after leaving the zipline.
  3. Hit the ledge.
  4. Look all the way down,
  5. Super Jump.

Even with the extra instructions in the thread it will take quite a lot of practice to nail it down.

The good news is that if someone does master it, they’ll practically be unkillable anytime there’s a zipline nearby.

For even better results, the most dedicated players are likely to pair this with some of Apex’s other movement abilities, so don’t be surprised to see a Horizon reach Mach 5 off of a regular zipline in the future.

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