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Apex Legends players disappointed by one odd feature about new Legend’s design

Published: 28/Jan/2022 16:44

by Alex Garton


After watching the recent Defiance launch trailer, a lot of Apex Legends players were disappointed about the size of Mad Maggie’s arms, arguing that she should have more muscle.

Following months of community speculation, Respawn finally revealed that Mad Maggie will be the new Legend joining the roster in Season 12.

To show how she arrived in the Outlands, the devs put together the short cinematic showing Maggie being pushed out of a plane onto Olympus by the Syndicate.

While the majority of the video was well-received, a small design choice has frustrated a lot of Apex players, and it involves Maggie’s “twig arms”.


Apex Legends Season 12 Legend "Maggie"
Maggie will be the newest legend to join the Apex Legends roster in Season 12.

Apex players aren’t happy with the size of Maggie’s arms

While the Defiance launch trailer isn’t necessarily representative of Maggie’s model in-game, a lot players were frustrated by the size of her arms in the cinematic.

Taking to Twitter, some members of the community were confused why Respawn felt the need to give Maggie “twig arms”.

Claiming the design choice isn’t accurate and just “doesn’t make sense”, it’s obvious players want the devs to ensure this isn’t the case in-game.

According to them, based on Maggie’s actions in the past and her background as a freedom fighter, it would make sense for her to have bigger muscles.


A lot of comparisons have been made with Fuse, and how big he is compared to his old friend in the Defiance trailer.

Keep in mind, the post below has been edited and isn’t showing how Maggie’s arms look in the cinematic.

For now, it’s just a case of waiting for February 8 and seeing how big Maggie’s arms are in-game compared to the cinematic.

It’s possible the design choice has only been made for the trailer, but with just under two weeks before Season 12 drops, it’s unlikely Respawn have time to change her model.