Apex Legends players disappointed as MRVN evo shield trick removed

Loot MRVN in Apex Legends on Olympus mapRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have been left confused and disappointed by Respawn removing the ability to get shield progress from MRVNs given that the devs had never called it a “glitch” previously. 

When Respawn Entertainment introduced Storm Point as a new map back in Season 11, the devs made it possible for players to get free loot from the Spiders and Prowlers that infested the map.

On top of getting ammo refills, weapon attachments, and other high-level loot, fighting off the waves of creatures also allowed players to get some easy level progress for their evo-shield.

Fast forward to Season 12, and with the return of Olympus, some players also noted that attacking the harmless Loot MRVNs also had a similar effect on their shields, even if it didn’t charge as much as on Storm Point.

MRVN Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The sentinel MRVNs can provide you with some nice loot.

Well, with Respawn dropping their patch notes for the upcoming Warriors Collection Event, they’ve now labeled that as a glitch, and will be removing the ability to get shield charge from MRVNs – no matter how small it might be.

As a result, some players are questioning why the devs would make such a change, seeing as they hadn’t highlighted it as an issue previously. “I’ve won games from this s**t, bad change,” commented ImARoadCone_. “I kinda liked it and it didn’t really give a huge advantage only a small boost. Legitimately thought it was intentional by them,” said another player.

Plenty of fans echoed that comment as well, stating that they never knew it was a bug in the first place, seeing as you’re meant to attack the MRVNs anyway in the hopes of getting an arm for better loot.

“I don’t understand why it can’t be a thing. Only gave like 50 to your shields,” added another fan who was left confused by the change. Plenty of players have promised to still be pretty evil towards the MRVNs, even if they’re no longer getting shield charges.

Who knows, it might even inspire Respawn to give us an LTM where the bots rise up and fight back.