Apex Legends players demand Storm Point changes to fix “most boring” map

Apex Legends logo on Storm Point mapRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have outlined their biggest issues with the Storm Point battle royale map, describing it as the game’s “most boring” and encouraging Respawn to make adjustments. 

Since its launch back in 2019 with Kings Canyon as the only playable battle royale map, Respawn’s Apex Legends has seen three new environments added specifically for the game’s base BR mode. They are World’s Edge, Olympus and, most recently, Storm Point.

The latest environment was added with Season 11, set on the planet Gaea. The deserted island is sandy and sunny and comes in at 15% bigger than World’s Edge; previously the biggest map in the game.

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Despite the anticipation that surrounded a new and larger map, many fans have been left underwhelmed and are encouraging the game’s devs to make adjustments to Storm Point.

Storm Point Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Storm Point has now been in Apex for just over a season.

A post from player ‘Dachten‘ called Storm Point Apex Legends’ “most boring” map, a sentiment that was echoed by much of the game’s subreddit.

“Hot take: Storm Point is the most boring map on Apex,” they said. “It’s just too big and way too often you’ll just run around looking for a fight a good portion of the game. Best case scenario, you have an exciting early game if you hot drop then a boring rest of the game. Worst case, you’ll have a boring early game and then 90% of that game will just be running around looking for a fight.”

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Despite originally floating their thoughts as a “hot take”, the popularity of the post suggests their issues are fairly common thoughts among the player base.

Among other things, many pointed to the slower gameplay on Storm Point, arguing it forces players to use high-mobility legends like Valkyrie or becomes boring.

One player stated: “Storm Point removes the ability to use most legends, it greatly increases the time matches are played for, and in general it just makes Apex a way slower and more boring game to play.”

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Some suggestions included removing POIs or adjusting map rotations but, as of the publication of this article, Respawn have not announced any plans to alter Storm Point or its prevalence in Apex Legends Season 12.