Apex Legends players demand “serious rework” to Ranked Arenas matchmaking

Apex Legends RankedRespawn Entertainment

Some Apex Legends players are demanding Respawn Entertainment implement a “serious rework” to Ranked Arenas matchmaking.

Apex Legends’ ranked mode can be extremely competitive as it allows for players to test their mettle against others. Additionally, whether it’s solo, duo, or trio, fans can take the fight with or against those of similar rank.

Players are always looking to be the best version of themselves they can be no matter if they’re at the lowest level at Bronze or at the highest at Apex Predator. However, sometimes climbing the ranks can be difficult. This is especially the case when they end up teaming with others below their level.

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Apex Legends’ Ranked Mode is one of the battle royale’s most played game types.

Apex Legends players want Ranked Arenas matchmaking to change

First brought up on the official Apex Legends subreddit, a user by the name of I-Horizontal-I brought up that Ranked Arenas matchmaking “needs a serious rework.”

“Ranked arenas matchmaking needs a serious rework,” said the fan. “No hate towards the lifeline because she’s trying to learn but in Diamond lobbies, this is plain unfair.”

Many other players agreed. “The placement matches are such a joke,” a user replied. “arenas matchmaking really just pairs me with level 5’s against aceu and his two clones AND expects me not to leave immediately,” another wrote.

Like any other video game with a competitive mode, Apex Legends utilizes a matchmaking system that matches players with other players of similar rank. However, in this case, I-Horizontal-I claims to have been teamed with a Lifeline player lower ranked than them, using the video as an example.

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As one of the more enjoyed game modes, Ranked Arenas can be fun for any player. Only time will tell if Respawn Entertainment will take a look at these aforementioned issues.