Apex Legends players demand Fragment changes on World’s Edge

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Fragment is arguably the hottest drop in Apex Legends, and, after the circulation of a screenshot depicting all 60 players in a lobby dropping there, players are desperate for big changes to World’s Edge.

World’s Edge is a fairly contentious map within the Apex Legends community. The last leg of Season 15 ranked was on World’s Edge after bugs with the Olympus map kept it from being able to be placed in the map rotation. Players are ready to get their hands on some other maps, but that isn’t the biggest issue with World’s Edge.

A big part of why there’s fatigue for this map is Fragment. It’s common for at least half the lobby to hot drop Fragment, leaving the rest of the map empty.

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Apex Legends players are tired of having the map focused around one point of interest. People are asking for some big changes to the map, or for it to be removed from the rotation entirely.

Apex Legends players want World’s Edge Fragment overhaul

Apex Legends is no stranger to notorious hot drops. From OG Skull Town to the high-rise skyscrapers on Olympus, it’s hard to think of a map that doesn’t have at least one POI that ends up having a few teams fighting for its loot.

However, Fragment is different. Players often flock to the ruined city in an attempt to get at some sweet ground loot and to try and come out on top of hectic early-game fights. There’s even a building that’s often called “streamer building”, and it’s a simple three-story building with a zipline connecting each floor that’s often used by content creators to show off their skills.

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Considering that Fragment has POIs within it while being a POI in and of itself, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular drop location. But some Apex Legends players have been claiming that it’s too popular to drop there, and that the map needs some changes to incentivize players to go elsewhere.


An image posted on the Apex Legends reddit depicts an entire lobby dropping at Fragment. It struck a chord with many Apex Legends players, especially those who have fallen victim to their jumpmaster throwing them right into 10 teams in their ranked games.

“My favorite is when someone hands me jump master and then they consistently ping fragment until they just drop solo and die within 2 seconds.”

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That said, the comments are divided. Some players really like what Fragment has to offer and would be sad to see it go, with the counter-argument being that having such a big map with the vast majority of players dropping in one spot makes each game monotonous and predictable.

What’s more, its location at the center of the map makes it so that players can drop there every game regardless of which path the dropship takes.

Some seasoned BR veterans in the thread are comparing it to Tilted Towers, a notorious hot drop in Fortnite that got obliterated by the dev team for its popularity.

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A leaker claimed that changes to Fragment were coming in Season 16, but the map remains unchanged at the time of writing.