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Apex Legends players demand fix for “unplayable” servers ahead of Season 10

Published: 31/Jul/2021 14:20

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have, once again, called on Respawn to fix their servers ahead of Season 10: Emergence, with some claiming that the game is completely “unplayable” in its current state. 

With Season 9: Legacy quickly drawing to a close, Apex Legends players are gearing themselves up for Season 10: Emergence, and the arrival of a new character in the form of Seer.

On top of a new character, map changes, weapon shake-ups, and more, Respawn will also implement plenty of bug fixes and quality of life changes to improve the battle royale experience further.

One big addition that players have called for, for some time now, are changes to the servers and just making the game not lag or stutter mid-match.


Apex Legends Seer
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends has a new legend coming, but also new ways to compete.

For some time, players have found themselves frustrated by the game stuttering at a key point in a session, leading them to miss out on a win or loss ranking points.

Respawn have dropped a few changes before to address the stuttering, but it still remains, to the annoyance of many players.

Redditor dypeguy managed to rally some support after saying that Apex is “unplayable” for them right now and showing off the problems they’re dealing with. “Every match I get prediction errors and lag symbols,” they said. They, of course, were not alone in wanting changes after suffering from issues.


Apex is unplayable for me right now. Every match i get prediction errors and these lag symbols. Is it just me or everyone’s games are like this? from apexlegends

I thought it was my internet and my computer as well, but after lowering all my settings to the bare minimum, it’s the servers themselves,” added one player. “You are not alone, I’m hoping it will be better when the next season start,” noted nomad15915. “It lags so much and the ping goes to 200+ or 300+ all the time! It’s unplayable,” another chimed in.

It remains to be seen if Respawn will address the issues further once Season 10 gets underway, but there is plenty of appetite for change from players.