Apex Legends players demand addition of classic FPS weapon for one simple meme

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Apex Legends players have hilariously called on developers Respawn to add a classic FPS weapon for the sake of one meme. 

Apex Legends’ character pool is one of the primary reasons for its popularity, with figures of all backgrounds and abilities coalescing to make a diverse and immersive battle royale experience.

The way characters interact with one another and speak in-game just augments the illusion and draws players in to an even greater extent. 

One fan favorite character, despite not being the most ‘meta’ or powerful, is Fuse, the fast-talking Aussie known for his explosive abilities and fiery personality. 

Now, fans want to see an iconic FPS weapon added to Apex, simply to improve Fuse’s ability to meme. 

Apex Legends fans demand Uzi SMG is added for one meme line of dialogue

In a September 17 Reddit post, one player called on the developers to add the Uzi SMG to Apex Legends. 

“Dear Respawn,” they said, “put an Uzi in the game just so Fuse can say “Fusie’s got an Uzi” when he picks one up. That is all.”

Despite the clearly tongue-in-cheek suggestion, fans of the battle royale immediately took to the suggestion and, at the time of writing, it sits at over 13,000 upvotes. 

That wasn’t all, however. Other players used OP’s demands as a springboard, with some suggesting “Fusie’s feeling woozy” as an ideal voice line for when the Aussie is using heals in-game. 

The suggestions are clearly in jest, but it’s hard to argue they wouldn’t fit with the game’s style or the character’s eccentric interactions. 

We’re certainly behind calls to add them to the BR and, given Respawn’s previously stated commitment to listen to fan feedback, we wouldn’t rule out Fusie getting his hands on an Uzi just yet.