Apex Legends players decode easter egg tying Bloodhound to Titanfall

Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players spotted and decoded a Titanfall easter egg that Respawn left on Bloodhound, giving a great nod to the character’s deep-rooted origins in the classic franchise.

Respawn are experts at integrating incredible callbacks to lore or clues for future content within the battle royale. The studio has also dabbled in easter eggs that span the entire Apex Arena just to activate another, bigger animation.

So many Apex players come from the incredible multiplayer or memorable campaigns from Titanfall that a tribute linking the two titles is always welcomed by Respawn’s longtime supportive community.

One such enthusiast is user ‘Who_is_Ikarus’ who noticed some writing on the side of Bloodhound’s helmet. After lining up the symbols, they decoded the string of Japanese letters with a translator.

The translation returned it as simply ‘Titan fall.’ While it’s a bit on the nose, as far as the teaser and its link to Respawn’s other titles, knowing a bit of Bloodhound’s creation as a character starts to give the easter egg more life.

Long before most of Apex Legends was even developed, Respawn created the massive universe and residual characters for their first game Titanfall.

In the concept artbook for the beloved series, there’s a page featuring unfinished character models, and one of them that bears a striking resemblance to the Technological Tracker.

Apparently, Bloodhound, which would have presumably taken a different name and backstory, was planned to be a part of that series but wasn’t used. The assets for the model were eventually picked up at a later time, resulting in the Legend we know today.

Respawn Entertainment via Miguel Lozada Twitter
Bloodhound (right) in a Titanfall art book before they were remade for Apex Legends.

That’s been a great piece of trivia for lots of fans up to this point, and it’s even more endearing that the devs recognized it in the game.

Some people think this could be alluding to Bloodhound’s past in the lead up to the Games, while others are just regarding it as an awesome call back to Respawn history.

Respawn will undoubtedly have more information about Bloodhound as Apex Legends develops, which could have a few more nods to Titanfall.