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Apex Legends • May 23, 2019

Apex Legends players create detailed ranking of every weapon and Legend

Apex Legends players create detailed ranking of every weapon and Legend
Respawn / EA Games

Almost 2,000 Apex Legends players weighed in on their favorite legends and gun classes by taking a Reddit survey, and the results are in.


Reddit user CharlieBeaulieu took to the Apex Legends subreddit asking players to take a survey on their favorite in-game characters and weapons and received enough responses to get some great information.

He then took the data and arranged them into easy-to-read statistics - here are the results.

Respawn / EA Games
Pathfinder is players' favorite character.


Pathfinder was voted as fans’ favorite Apex hero, gathering a gigantic 37% of the vote - but are you surprised?

With a grappling hook to zip him around the map and a survey beacon to see where the next circle will land, it’s easy to see why he was voted the most popular. Not only that, but with players voicing their frustrations over the Legend's hitbox of late, it's no surprise that many have tried their hand at the character. 

Lifeline is players’ second favorite with 16.9%, as she heals her team and provides vital backup skills.

  • Wraith - 11.5%
  • Octane - 9.1%
  • Bangalore - 8.0%
  • Bloodhound - 6.6%
  • Mirage - 4.1%
  • Caustic - 4.0%
  • Gibraltar - 2.8%



The desert eagle-style Wingman won the pistol round, with almost 57% of players preferring it over the other two choices.

Not a hard choice for a gun with a three-shot headshot potential on a player with full armor.

  • RE-45 - 40.2%
  • P2020 - 3%


The Peacekeeper is the fan favorite here with a whopping 64.4% and it’s easy to see why as it sprays 11 pellets at once for maximum damage output.

  • EVA8 Auto - 32.7%
  • Mozambique - 2.9%
Respawn / EA Games
The Peacekeeper is a fan favorite.


Sniper rifles

The Longbow sniper absolutely dominated this round, scoring a crazy 64.9%.

It’s not surprising considering this semi-automatic sniper deals 55 damage-per-second and takes 3.66 seconds to reload when completely empty.

  • Triple Take - 20.5%
  • G7 Scout - 14.6%
Respawn / EA Games
The R-301 Carbine dominated the assault rifle category.

Assault rifles

The R-301 Carbine is a clear winner here with a staggering 78.1% of the vote, proving to be one of players’ top picks overall across all gun types.

It holds 18 rounds per magazine and packs super impressive fire and accuracy rates.

  • Havoc - 11.6%
  • Hemlock - 7.1%
  • Flatline - 3.2%

Submachine guns

Most of the voters picked the R-99 as their favorite SMG, awarding it with 72.9%.

That’s not bad for a gun with the fastest firing rate in the entire game, and a reload speed of 2.45 seconds on empty.

  • Prowler - 22.8%
  • Alternator - 4.4%
Respawn / EA Games
The Spitfire is the best machine gun.

Machine guns

The Spitfire got the top vote in the machine gun category, with 74.4%.

This powerful gun deals 180 damage per second, and has a potential 2.8 second reload speed if bullets are already in the chamber.

  • Devotion - 25.6%


Players’ decided that the Arc Star is the best ordinance in Apex, giving it 82.4%.

The Arc Star sticks to surfaces and enemy players and deals immense damage on impact, while also disabling a player’s shield if they are unfortunate to be within its splash zone.

  • Grenade - 10%
  • Thermite - 7.5%
Respawn / EA Games
The Longbow works best with the R-99 or R-301.


Based on CharlieBeaulieu’s results, he concluded that the most popular loadouts among players are:

  • Longbow, R-99
  • R-301, R-99
  • Longbow, R-301
  • R-99, Wingman
  • R-301, Prowler

This data opens up a door for Apex Legends players as they now have a statistically accurate idea of what loadouts and characters are the best to use in their games, potentially boosting their win rate.