Apex Legends players claim July 13 update has made BR “unplayable”

Loba standing with black market ultimate in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have bemoaned the battle royale’s latest update, claiming it has made the game “unplayable” due to the lag and connection issues it has brought about.

Whenever problems have popped up in Apex Legends with the different characters, weapons, items, and maps, Respawn Entertainment have typically moved quickly to get things ironed out.

However, problems with Loba’s bracelet ability presented the developers with a difficult puzzle to solve. They’ve pushed out numerous updates to address the broken tactical before, but they didn’t fix things. Though, the recent July 13 update – which also tackled the problems with hit reg around Wraith – appears to have sorted it out.

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Though, despite the positivity around those fixes, the new update has also created headaches for players, especially when it comes to connecting to a match.

Apex Legends players furious with new update

Since the update rolled out, players across social media have bemoaned the connection issues that they’ve been having – with some unable to start the game altogether.

Those that have been able to hot drop into a match, though, have encountered the new lag signals over and over again, prompting them to give up. “I play no fill duos on ps5 and wasn’t having any issues until the update the other day, but now I’m experiencing really bad input delay sometimes up to half a full second,” Redditor DWheeler593 complained.

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“Same, it’s unplayable right now,” one player quickly agreed. “Game is unplayable for me on ps5 ever since the recent update. Only time it’s tolerable is early morning but still laggy,” added another.

These connection issues aren’t entirely new, previous seasons have been plagued by them, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying.

It remains to be seen if Respawn can get things ironed out before long, but we wouldn’t put it past them to have something in the works. As noted, they’ve tackled these types of issues multiple times before.