Apex Legends players want changes for Legendary skins after Fuse Broseidon

Alec Mullins
Broseidon alongside Caustic and Lifelife in the Dark Depths event trailer
Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends community has spotted an inconsistency in Fuse’s Broseidon skin and it’s only further fueling the pre-existing sentiment that Legendary skins need a big change. 

Apex players are some of the most vocal fans on the internet, so much so that the game earned the number two spot in Twitter’s list of most-talked-about titles in 2021.

That means it’s no surprise to know that they’re expressing their feelings about a big problem with the Broseidon skin from the ongoing Dark Depths event.

While it might be the most recent entry on the list, this is just one reason that many dedicated fans are ready for improvements.

Why Broseidon made Apex Legends players want changes for Legendary skin

Broseidon is just one fothe skins in the Dark Depths event
Respawn Entertainment
Broseidon is the most iconic skin from the latest event but players still have their qualms with it.

The big push for change came after players noticed that the Broseidon shark isn’t visible in-game when using Fuse’s cannon.

This caused quite the stir with players asking why the only part of the skin that is visible to its user would show up the same as any other Fuse skin.

Apex content creator iLootGames shared his frustration with this problem by directly asking a big question: “Why the f**k does the cannon not look like a shark with the new skin? I don’t even get to see my skin in-game and the one part I can see doesn’t look like the skin…”

Broseidon is just one of several Legendaries that have fallen under the microscope for this same issue.

Another player asked why Wattson’s skins behave the same way, citing the $20 price point as reason enough that the skins should be reflected for the player wearing it.

“I’ve probably spent $300 on these skins and I’ve only ever seen them in the loading screens between games. How does that make any sense?”

As one user pointed out in the comments, the answer likely lies deeper in the structure of the game, as the model other people see of other Legends isn’t the same one that is actually being used to track a player’s hitbox and physical location.

Whether or not Respawn makes any adjustments to the look of these top-shelf cosmetics remains to be seen, but it’s clear that the player base feels like they’re currently overpaying for them in their current form.