Apex Legends players change mains after fan determines the quietest Legend

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Apex Legends players were stunned after one fan went above and beyond to test who the quietest overall Legend in the game was.

There are plenty of small gameplay elements in Apex Legends that can help players come out on top over the course of a Battle Royale match.

One of those elements that players often take for granted is the audio for enemy footsteps, as it can be an invaluable tool that can help teams get the jump on unsuspecting players or prevent squads from being taken out by surprise themselves.

Now, one player has completed a series of extensive tests to determine which Legends have the quietest and loudest footsteps and the results may just come as a surprise.

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Apex Legend player tests footstep audio for every character

A post on the Apex Legends subreddit titled, “I measured the volume of each Legend’s footsteps” piqued the communities interest, as footstep audio has long been a contentious topic around the Battle Royale.

Reddit user Pescodar189 tested each Legend available in the game at the time of writing to see how loud their individual footstep audio is in decibels. According to their preliminary research, Ash actually has the quietest footstep audio in the game, with Seer coming in at a close 2nd place.

To test each Legends’ footstep audio, they had one player act as ‘The Runner’ and another act as ‘The Observer.’ The Observer would stand a set distance away from The Runner, who would run in a straight line past them on one surface, being the dirt in the Fire Range in this instance.

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They then recorded the footstep audio and measured the dBFS and noted the peak dBFS for each Legend in a table. After they posted their findings for the community they received a great deal of feedback and decided to refine the test even further.

After measuring footstep audio at different distances, quality tests, different surfaces, and even different timescales of RMS volume, they posted their final results. Again, Ash came out on top as the quietest overall Legend, with Seer being quiet as well with some inconsistencies in volume.

Additionally, Legends like Gibraltar and Octane were among the noisiest Legends while Revenant and Horizon were also fairly quiet—but not as much as Ash and Seer.

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Players were stunned at the dedication shown through the tests, with many joking that they would switch to Ashe as their main Legend from here on. “Ok people. Our man find the solution! Time to become a Ash main.”

Another player said, “A whole a** journal article on legend footsteps? love to see it, nice work man!” These tests were also able to determine other little-known elements about, such as the amount of noise Revenant makes when he crouch walks, and how much audio fall off there is at farther distances.