Apex Legends players call for weapon changes as R301 and CAR SMG dominate

R301 Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are calling on developers Respawn to adjust the game’s weapon pool and meta, claiming that it is still dominated by long-time fan favorites such as the R301 and C.A.R. SMG. 

Apex Legends’ weapon pool has been one aspect of the game that has made it so captivating; ensuring that early-game looting is key to a player’s prospects in the end-game moments. 

Naturally, some weapons rise to the top in terms of viability and popularity while others, like the Mozambique Shotgun, seem to be perpetually swirling around the proverbial plughole. 

However, with old favorites ruling the meta again in the ongoing Season 12, Apex Legends players are calling on Respawn to make significant changes to the weapon pool in order to ensure the game does not get stale. 

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Whatever your preferred playstyle is, Apex has the weapons for you.

Redditor ‘Ac0w161’ made the point in an April 30 post, explaining that they and a friend have been keeping track of weapons used against them in matches.  In every game situation (early, mid or late), the most-used weapon by some margin is the R301, followed by the C.A.R. SMG. 

While the C.A.R. SMG was only introduced to the BR in Season 11, the R301 has been one of the most dominant weapons in Apex since it launched way back in early 2019. Its solid handling, damage, recoil, and range make it an all-round juggernaut. 

However, many responded to the post by calling for nerfs, saying other valid weapons that could outperform the R301 are no longer comparable. 

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One player said: “This is the consequence of removing the only other two viable weapons that can be used off the ground… Flatline went to the replicator and received a minor nerf while the Volt went to the CP. That only leaves the R301 as the single viable gun off the ground that can be used up to late game.” 

Another commented: “Anything else worth a damn has been put in the care package/the rep station or nerfed.” 

As the Redditors suggested, Respawn have managed weapon balancing in unique ways. Some weapons get straight-up weakened while others are made more difficult to obtain. 

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Whether they seek to target the R301 in Season 13 remains to be seen, but its popularity and the responses of players suggest it would be a justified change.