Apex Legends players call for update to “pointless” Ranked splits

Sun Squad Event in Apex Legends.Respawn

Apex Legends previously used Ranked splits to freshen things up, but recent changes have left them calling for big changes to the old feature.

Ranked splits were formerly a great way for Apex Legends to shake up the competition, bringing a new map into the fray and giving players a reason to restart their RP grind all over again.

Now that the maps rotate regularly throughout the week though, there’s been a push to make a change to a system that some fans believe has quickly grown outdated.

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Apex Legends fans are ready for Ranked split changes

The conversation was started by Apex player UnfluffyBunnyTV on Reddit, and their proposal was a simple one. Now that map rotation is gone, other aspects of the game should be refreshed instead.

“They should use the splits to make minor weapon damage adjustments and attachment adjustments and also balance small number changes to characters. Nothing drastic but make it to where the split has value,” they explained.

“Then when the New Season starts, use that as the time to make large adjustments such as care package rotations introduction of new weapons and characters as well as other balance changes. It will keep the seasons from feeling stale and give large amounts of new content to players even in small forms.”

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Others chimed in critiquing the Rank reset that accompanies each split, with one person saying it leaves no time for a proper window to climb. “I haven’t finished a single season since the introduced split. I’ll push to plat, and then the split happens, I see that I’m back in gold and have to go through that shit again. I just play something else.”

Respawn hasn’t mentioned any potential changes, and the reset is useful for those who rely on Apex for content, so it remains to be seen if any adjustments or reworks end up rolling down the pipeline.

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