Apex Legends players call for simple UI update to eliminate death ping spamming

Alec Mullins
Respawn Entertainment

Tired of getting ping spammed in Apex Legends every time your teammate goes down in Ranked? One small change might solve that problem – or at least make it a less common occurrence. 

The world of solo queuing is a tough one in Apex Legends. Between teammates who don’t communicate, varying types of play styles and Legend combinations, and a general lack of coordination, it can be a grueling experience to set out into a game on your own.

This is never more true than when you’re in a fight and your downed Octane player is pinging as fast as their hands will let them. While these pings can vary in meaning, ranging from I cracked their shields – why aren’t you here to follow me up? all the way to I didn’t hit them a single time, please save me there is too much ambiguity to rely on this strategy all the time.

Apex Legends already has one of the most robust information exchange systems in the world of gaming, but this idea from Reddit is another chance for Respawn to elevate the system. Let’s take a look at the change and how it could affect the game.

Apex Legends UI Update Concept

This idea would fit in perfectly with the current view of a downed player’s status. As it stands, the only information we currently see for a downed player is the bar that represents how much time they have before their death. That information already changes to the green revival meter when a player is being revived, so it would make sense to see a change for when a player is being finished off by an opposing team.

By implementing a change like this, Respawn would only be making it easier for the player base to understand what’s happening during a fight. There is one potential drawback though.

Caustic and Banaglore in Apex
Respawn Entertainment
Caustic and Bangalore provide cover in their smoke and gas respectively. This change might negate their impact in solo-queue

The advantage of vision-obscuring abilities like Bangalore smokes is largely based on getting the jump on an opposing team. If a squad sees their teammate’s bar change from red to yellow, this would be a pretty good indication of what your team was trying to accomplish. This is only a problem for solo-queue or people who don’t have a mic though, as any team with voice comms would call out that they were being finished anyway.

This sort of change may never make its way into the game, but the community at large has been suggesting spectacular improvements for the game recently. Even Nickmercs has joined in to praise the game and suggest some tweaks. No game can ever be perfect, but Respawn has made a strong case for Apex Legends’ status as the battle royale title on the market.