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Apex Legends players call for simple change to Mobile Respawn Beacons

Published: 24/May/2021 11:59

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players want Respawn Entertainment to implement a simple change for the Mobile Respawn Beacons that would help them quite a bit, especially with random teammates.

Battle royales have always been about being the last player or team standing, and once you’re taken out, you have to search for another game.

Respawn Entertainment broke the mold a little bit by giving players a banner that could be used to bring them back, so long as their teammates stayed alive and ultimately respawned them.

Over time, things have changed, and other battle royales have followed suit. Respawn went one step further with their Mobile Respawn Beacons in Season 5, that allowed players to bring back a downed teammate from pretty much anywhere on the map. however, players want them to make a slight change.


respawn beacon in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Mobile Respawn Beacons are useful in Apex, but some refuse to use them.

The idea was put forward by Redditor hesido, who suggested that teammates should be alerted when a downed teammate actually has a Mobile Respawn Beacon on them.

While it’s a bit of a sin to loot your downed teammate’s death box, the idea would be that, as soon as you collect their banner, you can quickly hop into the box and take Respawn Beacon.

This would, as plenty of players pointed out, be a great help for those Apex players who queue by themselves and end up with random teammates. All too often, these randoms just leave once someone goes down and they’re too far from a respawn point, so this would help a lot.


Help us randoms, mobile respawn beacon availability in Teammate deathboxes should clearly be visible. from apexlegends

As ever, players chimed in with tweaks of their own. “You should be able to ping items in your box when you’re dead,” said one. “If they simply moved it to between armor and weapons I bet randos would see it,” added another.

Some players suggested that it was perhaps a step too far and could be solved through talking in-game. While a valid point, there are plenty of Apex players who refused to do so.

It remains to be seen if the idea grabs the attention of Respawn, and if they would add something like it to the battle royale.