Apex Legends players call for Season 12 feature to prevent enemies abusing lag

. 4 months ago
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Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are asking Respawn Entertainment to implement a feature in matches that stops enemies on poor connections being able to abuse their lag and come out on top in matches. 

Any player of online games will know how frustrating poor internet connection can be – to experience and to play against. Not only does it affect a player’s ability to eliminate opponents, but it makes it even more annoying when a stuttering enemy manages to eliminate someone with a solid connection.

Now, Apex Legends players are calling on the game’s developers to implement a feature in online matches that would stop lagging players from being able to play on.

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Respawn Entertainment
Apex is on its twelfth season, but some problems still persist.

A Reddit post from player ‘ALFAROM30‘ articulated the point, after they were eliminated by an opponent who couldn’t be hit as a result of their lag.

They said: “Couldn’t shoot him, now I know why…game should kick you out if your connection is this sh*tty.”

Plenty of respondents echoed the sentiment, with some going on to accuse the opponent of ‘lag switching’.

This refers to players using a literal switch to periodically cut out the internet connection to their console or PC, meaning they will stutter in-game and be incredibly tough to play against. A feature that removed players on poor connection would presumably tackle anyone ‘lag switching’ as well.

Others suggested solutions that would lock players into their region when matchmaking – thereby making it less likely they would experience poor connection.

One said: “Apex is probably one of the only games I know of where having a sh*tty or high ping connection is actually an advantage.”

The feeling appears to be shared among many Apex players – going some way to explain why they’re calling for changes.

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